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Aurélien Morel

In today's world, customers demand ever more service and speed. The time it takes to make the menus available is a recurring problem in restaurants and bars. On busy days, you often find that the menus are no longer available or that the staff is overwhelmed, which can make the customer unhappy even before he or she has consumed and can sometimes lead the customer to leave the establishment. During the meal, it is not uncommon that once the dish has been ordered, the client wishes to access the menu to view the desserts or drinks.

Another issue to be highlighted is the lack of accessibility of the menus on offer. For the visually impaired, the blind or people on special diets, filtering the menu by diet is possible with one click with Menupleaz.

As for foreigners, very few restaurants translate their menu even if the customer comes to taste French cuisine, he would like to know what he is going to eat, what his plate will look like. Menupleaz will also give you the opportunity to highlight on your menu, dishes, the menu of the day, or the formula you want.

In this context, Menupleaz allows, via the scanning of a QR Code or the connection with an NFC chip, to have quick access to the restaurant's menu. It is also possible to filter the menu by ingredient, by diet. The site is designed to be fast, accessible, ergonomic and easy to use.

menupleaz has no limits but your imagination!
To allow the customer to access the digital menu, we propose to stick a label on each table of the restaurant (or bar). This label contains a Qr code and underneath it is an NFC chip.

The QR code is a tag readable by cell phones and tablets. For our use, reading a QR code from a cell phone allows direct access to a web page of the digital menu of your restaurant ( or bar ).

Simply scan the code with a Flashcode application, but if the customer has an iPhone, he can simply read the Qr code by passing the camera in front of it.

If the customer doesn't have an iPhone, he doesn't necessarily have a flashcode application and the goal is not that he downloads an application, the customer must have a quick access to the menu. Hence the use of the NFC chip.

NFC technology allows a short distance communication (10 cm maximum) between the chip and the phone. It uses a short-wave technique for this purpose, even if the customer has activated the NFC functionality. The NFC chip will eventually replace the QR code. So for all phones other than the iPhone, the customer will just need to put his phone on the label and it will give him direct access to the menu. The iPhone is not yet equipped with this technology. It is also possible to enter the link at the bottom of the label on your browser.

And you access the digital menu of the restaurant, nice no ?

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Aurélien morel : menupleaz, jury prize